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Meet our Mini MBA student Aziza Ahmed

10-Dec-2018 15:09:51

With motivation for studying MBA related topics, but a very tight schedule, IME’s Mini MBA was the perfect match for Director of Regulatory Affairs in the APAC region at MSD, Aziza Ahmed.


Aziza Ahmed_IME Mini MBA (SIN).jpeg-1With a Masters Degree in Regulatory Science, Aziza decided to enroll in a course that allowed her to continue prioritizing her job while improving her business related knowledge. Aziza started her Mini MBA in August 2018 and has recently finished all the classes. While focusing on her final assignment, we had a short chat with her.


Why did you decide to enroll in an educational program such as the Mini MBA?

I was intrigued by the topics of the course - focusing on core subjects offered in a full time MBA along with the all-encompassing Design Your Career were some of the elements that especially convinced me. The time required for completing the course was also a contributing factor, as I was confident that I will be able to complete the course despite my busy work schedule.

What has been your favourite module?

I find it quite difficult to only pick one since all of the Mini MBA modules are conducted so well. I have enjoyed most Design Your Career, Human Resources & People Management, Change Management as well as Process & Lean. And then I think that the most challenging module was Finance & Accounting. 

How did it go with home-study part of the course and how did the course fit in your daily schedule in terms of work life balance?

The home study assignments are quite interesting. The relevant study sections are marked out to maximize our learning and save time. Though with the busy work/travel schedule it can sometimes prove difficult to complete the home study. That said, the classes are on alternate Saturdays and the study material is manageable. It provides you with a birds eye view of MBA modules conducted by seasoned facilitators. I especially liked the diversity of the cohort of my batch. 

How does the Mini MBA course reflect in your current work – have you been able to implement some of the models/tools from the course in your daily work rutine?

Most of the modules can be implemented at management level. The strategy techniques are particularly useful. I have used the scenario planning extensively. The Change Management module is relatable and I was able to hone my teams perspective with some of these learnings.

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