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Q&A with our Mini MBA alumni Sean Koh

17-May-2018 12:39:46

"There are many things that I've learned from the Mini MBA course that I wish I knew 10 years ago."


Sean Koh_black & white_irdetoSo it sounds from Sean Koh, Technical Sales Manager at Irdeto and an IME Mini MBA alumni (August 2017 class, Singapore). Sean holds a Bachelor of Engineering - BE in Computer Systems Engineering from The University of Manchester. We asked him a couple of questions about our Mini MBA executive course.

What was your motivation for starting a Mini MBA?

I wanted a new direction in my career that would allow me to look into the commercial aspects of the business rather than being entrenched in a technical path.

Which are your key takeaways from the course? How do you use that in your everyday work?

The business knowledge I've gained in the Mini MBA course helps me to understand on a broader scale how organizations are put together and the roles each department plays. I've learned how my organization and (more importantly) my customers’ organizations function. 

How much time did you need to invest in the course?

I took a day off for every module. I actually spent a quite big chunk of my personal leave. In between the modules, I spend nearly 1 hour a day reading through the books.

Who would you recommend the IME Mini MBA to?

I would mostly recommend the course to the technical profiles who are still in an early stage of their career.

You can "meet" more of our awesome Mini MBA alumni like Sean on our website here.

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