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Meet our alumni Ying Shean Chua

16-Oct-2018 11:43:13

“The Mini MBA was eye-opening and inspiring - it could definitely awaken the leadership and managerial qualities in us. Besides, the lecturers are all experienced professionals in their fields and could share practical tips.”



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Here are some of the reflections from our alumni Ying Shean Chua, Tenant Relations Manager in German Centre for Industry and Trade. Shean graduated from National University of Singapore with a bachelor in Real Estate and completed the IME Mini MBA Executive course in July 2018.



What made you decide to start a Mini MBA journey?

I was feeling stuck and frustrated. I needed some answers and decided to embark on the Mini MBA course, which I felt was structured to suit individuals like me who prefer a bit more time for personal reflection while learning about various business topics. Besides, I was not very sure if a full-fledged MBA was really what I wanted/needed.

What was your favourite module/topic of the course?

The Human Resource (HR) module was my favourite. I believe that a proper HR management is very important, but yet lacking in many business organizations. The HR personnel has the power to change the work environment and I think we need more experienced leaders to be a part of the HR management.

Which are your key takeaways from the course?

Being able to see/understand the processes from a management perspective and thereby stand on a more level playing field. All along, I was very focused on looking from bottom up and solving things on the ground. This course provided me with a better understanding of the managers I work with and their style of leadership.

The course as well provided me with several other insights relevant to business topics of today. For example, the module Change Management touched on ways to effect change from the leadership and management perspective, while the module Process Management and Lean highlighted how we could rethink our daily routine to be more productive - simple steps utilising technology or even the way we organise work around an organisation could potentially reduce idle time and increase the turnover by several folds!

Furthermore, throughout the course I learned that I have a very entrepreneurial way of thinking and doing things, which might not necessarily fit into how multinational corporations act or react. Although they occasionally appreciate or promote such spirit, this could also be the reason for my occasional dissatisfaction with the general management of things - I am more of the change-maker or risk taker.

How do you feel about the personal development part of the course - the Design Your Career module?

The Design Your Career (DYC) module complemented very well with learnings from the other six Mini MBA modules. I recognize and accept my values, strengths and personality more than before. I understand that my achievements or mistakes from the past could be related to them. Rather than escape who I actually am, I feel I am better equipped now to seek ways to realize my own potential.

What did you find the most difficult about the course?

The course was manageable and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I only found it difficult when I had to do a job transition towards the end of the course just before I start constructing my final assignment.

How much time did you need to invest in the course on a weekly basis?

I spent at least a day per week, usually during the weekend. 

What did you write about as a part of your final assignment?

Analyzing the business model of my current company using the lean business canvas for example, which really sped up my understanding of the company (since I newly joined the company - while writing the essay) and coming up with the marketing strategies.  

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