Mini MBA by IME Singapore

How to find your career path – and take your place in the market

By IME Singapore on 06-Mar-2019 11:40:05

Just like we can’t predict what happens in life, it is hard to tell, beforehand, what will happen in your career over the course of a lifetime. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t plan which direction your career should go – or make a bold career change.

There is no such thing as the perfect career, and no universal checklist to when you have made the perfect career. It is a highly individual thing. However, many would say that ‘passion’ is essential. This is often what will keep us going, even when times are tough. Some might also add ‘skills’ and ‘your values’ as good objectives to define the perfect career – for you.

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“I have a greater understanding of the decisions being made in my company“

By IME Singapore on 06-Jul-2018 14:14:16

For Mr. Sørensen the idea of going back to school was a bit far away. But after discovering the IME Mini MBA he decided to give it a try – and found the perfect combination of upgrading his skills and at the same time balancing work and family.

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How to spread new knowledge in an organization | with Andrew Jones

By IME Singapore on 22-Jun-2018 21:03:44

Developing the human resources in your company is about so much more than formal training, says HR expert, Andrew Jones. It is about challenging your employees and letting them reflect. Mentoring and monitoring them. And encouraging them to practise slow thinking.

Fast thinking is a good thing. Right? You are a success, if you think fast and make swift decisions. We speed date, speed walk and speed dial. In a culture of speed, it seems like the main criteria for success is how fast we get things done.

Well, tables are turning, and just like in the tale of the race between the hare and the tortoise, what’s fast off the line isn’t necessarily the fastest across the finishing line. Quick decisions are necessary sometimes, of course, but often they turn out less accurate and less helpful.
Slowing down certain parts of the process can help you think better.

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How to use small talk to gauge your counterpart?

By IME Singapore on 14-Jun-2018 11:19:44

Do you consider that chit-chat before a negotiation unimportant? Think again! You can gain much more from that informal conversation than one might think – and get a better deal in the end.

Some people find it easy to small talk. Like it’s the most natural thing to share a point of view on any topic that arises. For other people the mere idea of opening a conversation with a stranger gives them a crumbling sensation. The concept of talking about things that has nothing to do with the business seems worthless to these people.

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Guiding Your Team Through Change

By IME Singapore on 12-Jun-2018 14:57:02

The nature of change is such, that it comes from the outside – and simply because of that, no one likes it. So, what is the best way to handle changes? The key is involvement.

No one likes to be changed. Period. Even if the change will benefit us in the end, we as human beings are just not comfortable with the uncontrollable situation that a change brings.

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