Mini MBA by IME Singapore

How to find your career path – and take your place in the market

By IME Singapore on 06-Mar-2019 11:40:05

Just like we can’t predict what happens in life, it is hard to tell, beforehand, what will happen in your career over the course of a lifetime. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t plan which direction your career should go – or make a bold career change.

There is no such thing as the perfect career, and no universal checklist to when you have made the perfect career. It is a highly individual thing. However, many would say that ‘passion’ is essential. This is often what will keep us going, even when times are tough. Some might also add ‘skills’ and ‘your values’ as good objectives to define the perfect career – for you.

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“I have a greater understanding of the decisions being made in my company“

By IME Singapore on 06-Jul-2018 14:14:16

For Mr. Sørensen the idea of going back to school was a bit far away. But after discovering the IME Mini MBA he decided to give it a try – and found the perfect combination of upgrading his skills and at the same time balancing work and family.

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Meet Our Alumni: Stine Martinussen

By IME Singapore on 07-May-2018 20:05:59

Stine Martinussen is a career woman with a work life balance recipe.

She knows all about how important it is to find the balance between one’s career, ambitions and family life. While many executives and employees struggle with finding enough time for their families and friends and also being top performers at work, Stine seems to have found her own way to keep her work and private life in balance.

Stine is a Regional Manager Maritime at the WRS - Worldwide Recruitment Solutions, the first female President of the Danish Business Association in Singapore (DABS), a mother, a wife and IME Mini MBA Alumni (Class February 2017, Singapore). Wearing so many different hats, Stine believes that it is all about making the right priorities and keeping track of them.

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10 Tips For Improving Your Work Life Balance

By IME Singapore on 24-Apr-2018 13:28:27

Your power, influence and title have all become temporary assets that you cannot take for granted. You need to constantly invest in yourself and your skills to stay relevant in the ever-changing world of business.

We live in an information society where everyone needs to be willing to adapt and be flexible and up-to-date with the trends and business-related news. Technological advances make it possible to work independently of time and space. A limitless work life has gained ground, and it makes us more innovative, efficient and productive. However, it also brings a number of challenges because when family life, spare time, work and finding the time to develop your skills all need to be taken care of, it can affect the work life balance. But do not give up. There are lots of good tips and some of them are given here by Lars Hoffmann, a danish Business Psychologist (photo on the right.)
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