Mini MBA by IME Singapore

Why IME Mini MBA?


You are often pressed for time, but have also realized that you need to invest the time to acquire the right business skills to navigate in a turbulent and ever changing world.


With 6 Saturday-workshops (full day) during a 5 – month period, the program is easy to fit in your busy everyday schedule. Check our Mini MBA schedule here!



Unlike traditional MBA programs which can be both time consuming and quite costly, our Mini MBA offers a brief program covering the most important business disciplines: Strategy, HR, Marketing, Finance, Change Management, Process & Lean and Personal Development module - Design Your Career. 

Download your Mini MBA Syllabus Outline here


The Design Your Career module with IME expert & coach Agata Mathiasen focuses on self-exploration, market discovery and on finding the best possible job that suits each student. It is a full day module.





The Mini MBA modules are organized around real-world dilemmas and business challenges and choices that can be immediately applied to your work.  


Our Mini MBA alumni are from Singapore & Denmark. Read about their Mini MBA experiences & impressions here.


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Nuno Lago De Carvalho

Senior Project Management Member at TOTAL Oil & Gas

The Saturdays' workshops format of IME Mini MBA course during a 5-month period with a very practical approach is perfect for someone, who cannot yet commit to a classic MBA program, but intends to stay relevant in the market and positioned for new career challenges. I decided to enroll in the course to upgrade my business management knowledge as well as strengthen my leadership skills. After several years mainly involved in engineering and project management positions in the Oil & Gas business I felt a need for an educational course outside my industry. Compared to other similar educational programs in Singapore, this course was offering the most robust and complete program as well as being compatible with my time constraints.

Our Alumni are pretty awesome!

The Mini MBA really changed me. I believe I am a better leader and a better businessman today. I enrolled in the program while in the process of moving to Singapore with my family and starting up a new business. Throughout the course I was able to reflect upon my career and build up on my existing business knowledge and skills. I was really able to apply the knowledge from the course immediately in my every day work situation. During each of the modules I wrote down some of the key learnings, thoughts and new techniques. Very often I was then able to start using it in practice at my work basically the day after. I love the personal development focus of the course via “Design Your Career” module. I gained a deeper understanding of who I am and who and where I want to be in the future.

tamas balogh_H1 systems engineering services_Mini MBA alumni

Tamás Balogh

Managing Director at H1 Systems Engineering Services Pte. Ltd.

I was appointed as General Manager for an Austrian company at the age of 26 and have since then been holding a general managerial position for 7 years for different companies. My knowledge mainly comes from the real life experience so I thought it would be good for me to have a better insight into business management. I have also been able to network with fellow participants, which was another reason behind choosing the IME Mini MBA. My key take-away from the program is that there are many ways to solve business related obstacles. Every situation is unique, and it is important for us to have the ability to use the right tool at the right time - then when you face a challenge you just have to open the toolbox and choose the right tool!

Meerly Wang_IME Mini MBA

Meerly Wang

Senior Community Manager at JustCo

I was excited to learn about the IME Mini MBA program at one of the IME evening workshops on Innovation. I was impressed with the faculty, teaching style and facilitation, and enjoyed meeting the people I shared the room with. I am a strong believer in learning-by-doing but also in knowing what we don’t know – so the opportunity to build more ‘formal’ business training and confidence and the opportunity to learn alongside like-minds was the main reason for joining the program – and the fact that it is a ‘mini’ program means it would be much more feasible to fit into my everyday schedule, compared to a full MBA program.

olonia Teodros, Co-founder of The Change School, Award-winning Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker, Learning Designer IME Mini MBA alumni

Solonia Teodros

Co-founder of The Change School