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The times where Human Resource was only about personnel administration, mainly concerned with the administrative tasks that have to do with managing organization (such as record keeping and dealing with employee’s wages, salaries and benefits), are long gone.


AndrewJones_IME Mini mBA in SIngaporeThe modern, efficient and effective HR function is business-driven and will add competitive advantage by more than being flawless administrators; the best HR teams are knowledgeable and skilled consultants who are ready and ambitious to sit at the top table. So, it is critical that you understand what the modern HR function has to offer and how to partner with great HR professionals to lead successfully.

So it sounds from Andrew Jones, IME expert in Human Resources. Andrew believes, that the time when managers could leave the acquisition, development and retention of employees to the HR function is long past. To lead and manage well today, you need to understand all the levers for realizing the potential in your human capital and take accountability for doing so. Successful leaders of organizations and teams are successful leaders of people first.

In his Human Resource (HR) module at IME Mini MBA, Andrew will focus on the core concepts and practices for leading people at work including Organisational Design, Talent Strategy, Learning & Development, Culture & Diversity, Motivation & Engagement, Performance Management, Organisational Behaviour and the Management of Work. He will address them from three perspectives: the organisation, the team and the one-to-one reporting relationship. You will learn about some of the new ideas and trends that are making an impact in the markets, and some tried and tested methods for managing people that you can apply immediately at work.

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