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Process Management & Lean

Process and Lean is about creating more value for customers by using fewer resources. In order to achieve that, you need to focus on the quality of your company’s key processes. It is about identifying and working on the strategic, tactical, and operational improvement projects, which will deliver long-term business benefits.

process and Lean with Jesper Svenningsen_IME Mini MBA in Singapore

Easier said than done, one would say. But with more than 14 years of experiences in supply chain processes optimization from various industries in Europe, Asia and America, Jesper Svenningsen, IME expert in Process Management & Lean at IME Singapore, knows what he talks about:

The quality of all the company’s processes is very important. To ensure a good value process creation, you need to be sharp in defining, measuring, analyzing, improving and controlling the processes of your organization. You need to make sure that your company’s processes are right from the start. And that is not always easy to achieve.

This Mini MBA module will help you to better understand, challenge and improve the processes in your company and those people responsible for improving it. The main focus of the module will be based on best in class methods and tools used in manufacturing, however parallels and examples related to administration and other areas will be part of the teaching as well.

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