Mini MBA Schedule

A new Mini MBA course starts in February & August each year. Our courses are Saturdays only. 

August 2018 
These are the dates for IME Mini MBA course starting in August 2018.

Strategy: 25 Aug
Human Resource: 08 Sep
Finance & Accounting: 22 Sep
Change Management: 06 Oct
Process & Lean: 27 Oct
Marketing & Social Media: 10 Nov

Final assignment(hand-in): 12 Dec
Certification/Grade: 09 Jan 2019

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These are the dates for IME Mini MBA course starting in August 2018.
Strategy: 16 Feb
Human Resource: 02 March
Finance & Accounting: 23 March
Change Management: 06 April
Process & Lean: 27 April
Marketing & Social Media: 11 May
  1. Final assignment(hand-in): 08 June

  2. Certification/Grade: 28 June

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In case you wonder ...

What to expect from the program?

  • To spend around 25 hours per month on reading, preparations, assignments.
  • To have 6 full-workshop-days during the 5-6 months. All workshops are held on Saturdays.
  • You will receive the study plan from IME, but you will yourself manage the time spent on the program.
  • The conclusion of the program is a written assignment, a challenge directly related to your organization and linked to the knowledge you have gained during the program.
  • Upon completion, you will receive a grade assessing your performance and an IME Mini MBA Certificate.

The course takes a very practical approach

Our Mini MBA course is a combination of intensive modules and self-study processes. The workshops are organized around real-world dilemmas and business challenges and choices that can be applied to your work. From day one, the workshops are focused on developing skills and knowledge that can be applied immediately in your organization.